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Life presents many twists and turns - yet, if we understand that everything is connected in some way, then new ideas and opportunities often make themselves known in unique and profound ways. Such is the life and art of William Corey. Those who know and know of him are no doubt aware of his performance endeavors (i.e. William Corey’s Psychodynamic Entertainment). Not unlike his entertainment offerings, and by using various skills gained from his other endeavors, he has materialized his observations of life and interests of the arcane into several palpable multi-media art pieces. The themes, of which maybe considered by some as “dark” or “shadowy”, as they mostly revolve around subjects such as mortality and memories both left behind and yet to come.

It may be interesting to note that William Corey had never intended to make and offer for sale any of his Designs In Skullture. They were intended for a select group of friends and, of course, himself. Yet, two good and well-respected friends, Leilah Wendell and Daniel Kemp of the Westgate, urged him to branch out of his self-imposed boundaries to make available his works of art.

William states, "I have created these pieces for the understanding and the enjoyment of contemplation experienced by others on an emotional and intellectual basis. The works speak for themselves - if one is listening, no explanation is necessary or warranted. If you wish to discover the meaning, look to yourself and the work and listen. Listen to how it speaks, understand how you feel. Just don't let yourself get caught in the traps of superficial categorization in your understanding.”

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