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Over the past several years, I've had the pleasure of getting to know William Corey, and on many occasions, being witness to what he calls Psychodynamic Entertainment. Some may call him "magician", "storyteller", "speaker" or "counselor" but, as you will see, he has transcended these labels, bursting the bounds of pre-conceived notions.

His approach to his life and art is definitely unique. Perhaps this is due to his parents' artistic abilities and creative look at the world that has helped them in their career. Perhaps it was having experienced the passing on of loved ones while William was young, or maybe his constant search for life's understanding and meaning perpetuated not only by his love of learning, but the legends, lore, customs and traditions of Louisiana's Greater-New Orleans area in which he was born and raised.

Perhaps it was a combination of all these things which gave William the sense that there was more than what the five senses could relate to. So, he delved into the performance aspect of magic but became disillusioned with the role most conjurers portray, a role that had been accentuated by the quote, "a magician is an actor playing the part of a magician."

William believes that magicians must understand the concepts, beliefs and philosophies that are at work in the universe, thereby becoming true magicians. "It is unfortunate," William states, "magicians, for the most part, have lost their sense of awe and wonderment. They seem to believe more in a trick than in a power greater than themselves."

William's view of this performing art is different. He has delved into a myriad of beliefs, philosophies, cultures and religions in order to grasp what he refers to as the "magic of the world." This is evident when he is speaking, performing or giving consultations to others. Yet, the question remains, is the public ready for this type of entertainment? This question plagued William as well, so to find out, he went to the streets of New Orleans and Atlanta for two years, living only off the tips received by those who stopped, watched and listened to him. He felt that if he could survive there, then he could turn his art into his career - and he has.

I have seen him perform at a number of locations and venues across the southern United States, including the riverboat Natchez, on stage at the Orpheum Theater, as well as a number of private parties, fairs, festivals, conventions and trade shows.

In my opinion, watching and listening to William is like opening a window into the realms of philosophy and mystery once cherished long ago but now has sadly been replaced with the empty notion of living only for the moment. His primary concern is not in gaining fame or fortune, but in helping others regain the wonderment lost in life's daily routine.

William is not the parlor-trick variety magician, but the showman and the shaman as one, the archetypical magician figure, the manipulator of the forces of life. I've seen his audiences turn silent when the lights were dimmed around them. I've seen his performances move men and women to tears, children freeze in their seats and how faces of busy people full of concern turn to contemplation, perhaps forgetting for a moment the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Your Role

Experience William's magical world and I'm sure that he will not only make you think and wonder, but he will also touch the soul in a way that no other performer in this day and age has.

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