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William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment wants you to understand that when inquiring about booking information, time is often of the essence. Since William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment wishes to: get a firm grasp of your entertainment desires / help assure availability / assist in providing an accurate quote based upon your needs - his forms may be more detailed than others, since he does not offer a catch-all fee and each performance, situation and request is relatively unique.

As such, the inquiry forms have been made available within this site to assist you in providing William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment with what you desire, in a timely manner. The forms are available in a downloadable and printable .pdf format, that can either be filled in by hand, then be faxed or scanned and sent via e-mail, as well as in .doc format, that can be filled in using Microsoft Word® then sent via e-mail or be faxed. However, an online submission version is also available to expedite response time. This online version may be filled and instantaneously sent by typing in the "Security Number" displayed (if Javascript is enabled), then clicking the "Send Form" button, or you may print / save the filled out form and send it via the above options. It should be known that the online form submission process is handled by a 3rd party. If this causes you concern, other methods mentioned above, or by calling William Corey directly with the information is always an option. In fact, it is suggested that no matter which method you choose, a phone call to assure receipt is recommended.

The information you provide to William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment will not be used by him to add to bulk mailing / e-mailing lists, call lists or given / sold to others for solicitation purposes. Yet, it should be noted that hackers are abound and there is no control over how the information may be used, if intercepted. As such, when submitting the online form, since it is handled via a 3rd party, the amount of personal information requested is kept to a minimum and only requires a phone number. However, without the majority of the form filled, more time will need to be taken to discuss what you desire before being able to temporarily reserve the date and time, or to quote an accurate fee (if available).

Please note that the sending or receipt of the form does not constitute a booking, but if the date and time is available then such will be temporarily held until a more in-depth discussion about the party / event can be had.

Fill out William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment's Performance Form or Fill out William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment's Psychic Form now!

Form downloads are available on the above form pages.

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