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In this day and age, many people find it hard to give to good causes without receiving something in return. Fund-raisers, whether it be bake sales, auctions, garage sales or dinners, are all excellent ways of generating monieys needed for non-profit organizations such as churches, schools, scouting, as well as many other groups too numerous to mention here.

The public is on a constant lookout for quality diversions form the day-to-day grind, so one of the best received activities for increasing ones treasury is a live performance. Unfortunately, promotions outside of the core membership often times is hap-hazard, lacking both focus and direction, and most performers are not willing to help attract publicity for an event for which they are donating their time and talents. William is different in this respect. He generally does not work for free but is willing to adjust his fee to better suit your group's or organization's needs. He will also work hand-in-hand with event organizers, giving tips and ideas which may better increase revenue.

Your Role

Are you in control of, or part of a committee that is in need of a different sort of fund-raising activity?

Do you want someone who can assist you in a proper promotional direction, as well as delivering a unique high-quality performance?

Well, look no further, because it's not an illusion… it's just one of William Corey's many specialties.

Contact William to discuss your event or fill out his Performance Form now!

(Louisiana Based - Serving The Southern U.S.)

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