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William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment enjoys hearing and learning of others thoughts / comments / praise / recommendations by those who have met, hired him, or have experienced his performance / entertainment offerings in whatever form they arrive - be it via fax, e-mail, or postal service. For those who desire another method of offering such comments, a guestbook is available for online postings to assist in sharing your thoughts with him and others. However, it should be noted that this is handled by a 3rd party and it is understood that some are hesitant about signing an online guestbook, especially if a name and e-mail address is requested. As such, William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment does not require that those that sign it, or share information, include their full name(s) or e-mail address to post. Yet, if you wish to include that information, a space is provided for such. Nevertheless, it must be noted that some individuals search and otherwise attempt to gain e-mail addresses in order to send un-solicited / unwanted e-mails despite what precautions are implemented. Be it known, William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment cannot be held responsible for any e-mailings received due to your decision to include that information.

If / when signing William Corey's online guestbook, you will need to enter a security code before the message is sent on (this code will appear once the "send" button, below the message box, is clicked). If the code is not entered / entered incorrectly, or the final "send" box in that pop-up is not clicked, your message will be lost. Please note - since some people wish to fill guestbooks with advertisements, links, and otherwise inappropriate material, all guestbook entries are reviewed for such content before being made viewable (this review occasionally takes some time) and apologies are hereby extended for these precautions (appropriate / approved comments will also be included within the guestbook archive pages).

Recommendations, thoughts, comments, praise, etc. received via e-mail / fax / postal service, or reviews about William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment found in / on other sites may be included, in whole or in part, within his guestbook / "Guestbook Archive" pages. Again, due to privacy concerns, when sending to William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment directly, if you wish your full name or e-mail to be listed, it is requested that such be specified. If it is not, then William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment will not post your e-mail address or full name, if provided, on his site or other web locations.

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