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The links listed offer various prospectives on life through philosophical viewpoints. Also included are some educational organizations, as well as other sites that have listed or assisted this one. Please Note: I do not endorse everything that the following links have to offer, however, I have found several of them to be interesting and believe you will, as well.

(The links listed are in no particular order.)

Joseph Campbell Foundation

The Zen Guide

The Robert Anton Wilson Website

Hinduism Resource Page

The Ayn Rand Institute

Controverscial - A View of Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism by George Knowles

Teachings Of The Catholic Church

India Divine

The Theoi Project - exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art.

Rituals, Beliefs and Customs of Native American Culture

Theology Online -- The Christian Perspective

Druidiam Info.

Buddhist Studies


Joelles Sacred Grove - Celtic Info.

Westgate Art and Literature

Ancient Egyptian Mythology


The New Advent -- Catholic Encyclopedia

Colin Wilson World

Vodoun The ancestral religion of West Africa

The Asatru Alliance Inc - Astru Info.

Ecclesia Gnostica

Psychic Experiences

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The Magic Top

Magic web Directory and Resource - directory


The Magician Directory - A Worldwide Directory of Magicians

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Member of Magician Directory - Your Magical-Resource Site

MagicGizmo: Magicians and Magic Collectors Connect Online

Find a Magician for Hire in your area

Proud Member of the Party Magician Directory - Business For Sale Listings - A List Of Magicians In The United States

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ASR Search Engine

www.RIOT searchAn online guide to websites from automotive to travel and all websites in between

TXTlinks Directory - You can never have too much! Entertainment Music & TV Directory

Chaqra Directory


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