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Thoughts & Facts

Magic - the word evokes a number of thoughts and ideas, some of power, others of fear and superstition. A few think of it as nothing more than life and science in action. Sadly, more often than not, it is often associated with card tricks and over-dressed individuals pulling rabbits from hats and perhaps "torturing" female assistants for an audience's amusement.

Some claim that magic is dead and that it has suffered its final indignity at the hands of the aforementioned tuxedo-clad conjurors. But, magic is more than this collection of ideas - as William Corey states, "it is my belief that magic is not only alive, but will continue to live and thrive as long as we, as a people, have a desire to grow, think and improve ourselves. For magic, in my opinion, is the spark that questions what if and why not. It's the fuse that, when ignited, causes us to reach beyond ourselves. This is something that no amount of so-called magicians can destroy."

Starting out in the field of magical performing arts, William's thoughts and approach were different than many of his colleagues. As such, he rarely viewed what he did as a showcase to demonstrate his cleverness by rolling out one "trick" after another, finding instead that if what is presented is truly understood beyond its superficial diversions, then the performance can touch upon something deeper within an audience.

By melding this performance art form into his study of various cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history, myths, legends, and ancient understandings, William discovered that the illusions often performed are filled with hidden metaphors and insights into the nature of reality than what most even realize. In fact, despite what some may believe, no "trickery" ever needs to be implemented in order to allow others to experience what real magic has to offer. As such, what William provides is not a magical performance in the usual sense; but something much more.

Whether performing in an intimate setting for a few or on a stage in front of hundreds - no matter the venue, be it a private party, convention, trade show or banquet for adults, his goal is not only to entertain but awaken ideas forgotten, or abandoned.

Your Role

The enjoyment and wonder gained through a magical performance is something that can provide an escape from one's day-to-day concerns, breathe new life into the thought process and when made available at a get-together, party or event may assist others in experiencing the same (if offered by someone who understands the power and nature of magic). If you desire to have a magical entertainer who can offer more than a collection of visual diversions, then William Corey is the one you are looking for.

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