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Mardi Gras, also known in some parts as Carnival, is built upon pagan traditions and the hierarchy of the gods. This is a final opportunity to let loose our darkest desires and fantasies and explore the sensual, worldly delights before entering a season of religious restraint and penance.

It's believed that no other place within the U.S. could exemplify the essence of the season the way New Orleans does. Being known as "the city that care forgot", this Louisiana city has, perhaps reluctantly, become a hotbed of sin and degradation that the Mardi Gras season is built upon by today's standards.

However, behind the revelry and excitement displayed upon the streets and within the bars, there is another world - a world where classical elitism is parodied by krewes. Roles of King, Queen, Dukes and Captains play their parts in a somewhat secretive world were pomp and circumstance exists within the carnival balls. Entertainment presented during these gala events are displays of the classical variety which is rarely seen today.

Having lived in/around the New Orleans area and having performed at a variety of events during Mardi Gras time, William knows the season well and can be an added addition to the entertainment of the season. Whether your celebration is a classical-style gala event or casual get-together, William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment can fit into your needs.

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If you wish to offer your guests a bit of magic to help fill the senses, then you only need to fill out William's performance form now!

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