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Since the dawning of time, mankind has searched for answers to life's situations. “In the past, people sought various forms of divination tools in hopes of gaining answers. Today, just as back then, these items which presented themselves, took much time and energy to study - so, some sheltered themselves away in hopes of deciphering the meanings to eventually help others. Yet, the truly gifted souls didn't need the tools or hours in solitude to grasp the answers. They were and are able to lose themselves in the world of the unknown without much, if any, effort. These gifted individuals are the only ones who should be considered psychic” says William Corey.

Everyone has the ability to develop certain aspects of themselves in regards to, what is considered to be, paranormal abilities. Yet, both the terms psychic & medium, William believes, have become overused and, likewise, watered down. William states "these days, it seems that anyone who picks up a deck of tarot cards can claim to be a psychic. Unfortunately, the term "Medium" is facing a similar fate, especially if a distinction between the various types of mediumship is not made clear. Most of these methods have been demonstrated by popular mediums and include “physical mediumship”, “direct voice”, “channeling” and “trance mediumship”. The latter may make use of a crystal ball, mirror, bowl of water or candle flame or other point of focus. All purport to connect with those on the other side, spirit, ascended masters, angelic entities, etc.. Yet, most who use the term “medium” don't necessarily fall into the above categories, but instead are in the classification of “mental mediumship”. The difference being that "mental mediumship" is the use of one or more psychic abilities (i.e. "clairvoyance" clear seeing, "clairaudience” clear hearing, “clairsentience" clear sensing, "clairsentinence" clear feeling, "clairgustance" clear tasting, "clairalience" clear smelling, "claircognizance" clear knowing) to accompany other reading methods. In fact, it can and has been argued that one cannot be a proficient reader without using at least one of the "clairs", whether or not one acknowledges the "clair(s)" present within themselves. As such, virtually any reader can honestly call themselves a medium based upon this logic / popularity of the term - and many now do."

For better or worse, William rejects these labels for himself, relating his ability to his interests, studies and intuition. He claims “it’s up to each individual to decide for themselves where my gifts lay based upon their own experience."

William’s view and personal rejection of popular labels has led him to face opposition by some of his colleagues and those who seek such self identification from the ones who desire a reading - yet, his down-to-earth approach and insights have earned him a measure of appreciation from believers, and skeptics alike.

So, What Does He Do?

Under his banner of "Metaphysical Insights, Readings & Interpretations", William Corey offers both “Metaphysical Interpretations" (this sort of reading often covers aspects of ones past, current condition and possible future trajectory based upon current factors) and "Personality Readings" (this sort of reading is read metaphysically to uncover what one is subconsciously transmitting to others within ones environment. This understanding allows one the ability to be aware of what he/she is projecting to others in order to decide if personal changes or improvements in focus, attitude or outlook should be made). Depending upon the interpretation or reading desired, the process can include the use of one or a combination of tools, some of which are popular and others he, himself, has developed. William breaks these tools down as "the mystical" (which utilizes items that include the tarot, runes, pendulum, etc.), "the mundane" (utilizing ordinary easily found items such as paper and writing utensils, dice, coins, shells, sand, books, lipstick, etc.) and "the unique" (utilizing various items such as certain candies, a modified popular 1980’s puzzle, and even something William calls "symbol stones" - just to name a few)

It's important to know that William does not pretend to see or read the future as something definite, as it shifts based upon ones attitude and action. Rather, his insights are designed to inform his clients of aspects of themselves that may or may not be realized, possible issues, situations and, depending on the reading, obstacles which might arise based upon past and present conditions or state of mind.

I am aware that some of the things William does (namely - his involvement with the performance of magic) might call into question activities in this realm. When I questioned him about this, William stated, "I don't believe it has been so much of a hindrance as a help, since it has forced me to become more skeptical in my approach to interpretations and others' claims to unusual phenomenon. I've had to re-evaluate myself and the books I've read in order to sort out the trash from the treasure. In this way, I have been able to unearth the truths needed to gain self-mastery and help others in this endeavor as well."

Your Role

Galileo Galilei was once quoted with the following - "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." So whether you desire a reading / reader for your own edification, your next event, or are looking for a entertaining and thought provoking group activity on the metaphysical side of things- then look no further than William Corey, as he can offer something to suit your needs.

Please, allow yourself and guests to take advantage of the fun and knowledge that William's Metaphysical Insights, Readings & Interpretations can impart. For individual, couple & small group interpretations (up to four people at one time) at your location- fill out William's "Psychic" Form.

For multipule individual insights perfect for events, ladies' nights, parties, sweet 16's, wedding receptions, banquits, trade shows conventions and the like, fill out the William's Performance Form.


--Attention Businesses & Business Owners--

Do you have / run / own / manage / a Bed & Breakfast (B&B), Plantation (open to visitors), Restaurant, Coffee House, Tea / Antique / Metaphysical Shop or Book Store and are looking to provide your guests / patrons with the prospect to experience something truly different and perhaps a way to get others in the door and gain some extra money at the same time?

Did you know that William Corey’s Psychodynamic Entertainment provides more than private parties, convention and trade show entertainment? Well, the entertainment offerings discussed above are perfectly suited for ticket sales or “special guest packages”. In fact, if your business is located in a structure that contains items that have a past / has one, itself, or is in an old section of town that does - entertainment that is more personalized to this situation might be created to reflect this unique history!

If a more casual experience is desired for your patrons / guests, rather than a more group-structured one, then the personality or metaphysical readings he offers may better suit your needs. So, whether it’s a one-time event, a weeknight / weekend or monthly scheduled excursion into realms seldom understood or realized - simply contact William to discuss your desires and ideas.

(Louisiana Based - Serving The Southern U.S.)

It should be noted that the insights William offers are for the entertainment of the party he is working with and are not intended to supersede or replace any form of legal, medical, financial or psychological counseling. Hexes and curses are not placed or removed, nor are any spiritual or physical cures given or sold. However, a few cities, parishes, counties have laws, ordinances / policies which forbid, limit or regulate entertainment that provides readings that purportedly offer to delve into aspects of ones past or future. Although the manners of regulations vary, this fact may alter the vein of such highly personal and specialized entertainment requested.

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