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Lords and ladies, demons and devils, clerics and clergy, come ye near! Watch and hear from depths of soul to mounds of gold… discover thy truth of what ye are searching. This be ye fest, Huzzah, this be ye life, Huzzah, and what an event it is, Huzzah!!!

It would seem that when one thinks about the renaissance era, several images come into the imagination, whether it be knights on horseback, damsels in distress, archery tournaments, large feasts, strolling minstrels, or the more fanciful images of fire-breathing dragons, wizards and the magic that all these bring to mind.

Wizards and magicians seem to be mainstays at renaissance fairs. However, modern magical performances replete with large, glittered-painted boxes, as well as the occasional anachronistic straightjacket escape have no place upon a renaissance stage. They offer nothing but the trappings of a low budget Vegas review. The magic generally performed during that period of history was considered to be more of juggling feats, rather than the enchantment of contemporary conjurers and their modern contraptions.

William Corey knows that a fine line must be drawn between the authenticity of the period, and the expectations of a modern audience's mindset in producing a magical show during such events. Those in attendance not only expect to get a glimpse of what was done, but also see something more "fantasy oriented" in relation to what a Merlin-type wonderworker (who had seemingly been ripped from the pages of a swords and sorcery novel) might do.

As such, William Corey's performance offerings for renaissance events center around period-based feats of legerdemain with a glimpse into more mystical realms in which wizards tend to tread. In this way, William honors the past while respecting modern sensibilities of those more familiar with various legends and imaginings of this bygone age than its history. Nothing less would, nor should suffice.

Your Role

If you are looking for a bit of solid, old-world wizardry that gives reverence to the past, as well as what is imagined to have taken place, all while involving everyone present, then look no further than William Corey.

Fill out his performance form and be sure to select "Back in Time" or, if the situation permits, "Our Cosmic Heritage" under the "choose by performance" name category.

FYI: William's other entertainment offerings are available as well.

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