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William Corey is an entertainer and communicator who offers those around him an opportunity to break out of the superficial and mundane, providing them a chance to discover new possibilities. Even though he has been called a magician, speaker, storyteller and counselor, none of these titles adequately describes the talents and insights he possesses and shares with his audiences across the southern portion of the United States.

When William was young, he often perceived things differently than most others, in a Don Quixote sort of way - often imagining the spine of a dragon where others would simply see rocks, rubble and concrete. When others just experienced a rainstorm, sunset or sunrise for its pleasing effect, William sensed a renewal or cleansing and a passage into other realms. As he grew, the oft-quoted words from Shakespeare's Hamlet "There is more to heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies" beckoned him to uncover life's neglected mysteries.

As such, being a natural self-starter and veracious seeker of knowledge, William found enjoyment, as he still does, delving into the study of various cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history, myths, legends, and ancient understandings in order to discover life's overlooked truths. This has not only set the tone for his life, but in 1988 it also set the groundwork of his business and what he calls "Psychodynamic Entertainment" as a way of allowing others to rethink reality.

Since that time, his approach to life, leadership, entertainment and communication has earned him several distinctions. The most notable of which include the following:

• Magician of the Year by the Society of American Magicians, Assembly 36 (3 times) for excellence in magical performance

• Toastmaster of the Year by Business & Professional Toastmasters Club#1169 for excellence in communication, leadership and service

• Division Governor of the Year for Toastmasters District 68 for excellence in leadership

• Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) for outstanding accomplishments in communication and leadership skills.

So, What Does He Do?

William Corey's melding of magical, storytelling, and speaking abilities with his knowledge of various cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history, myths, legends, and ancient understandings provides a uniquely adaptable, customizable and powerful thought-provoking offerings for groups large and small.

Your Role

If you would like William to speak or perform for you or your group, fill out his performance form now!

(Louisiana Based - Serving The Southern U.S.)

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