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William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment

(Louisiana Based - Serving The Southern U.S.)

Somewhere between darkness and light, science and superstition - there is a middle ground of shadows and possibilities which is comprised of dreams, nightmares and legends.

One man has tapped into these realms, skillfully blending a uniquely powerful mix of cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history and ancient understandings - giving others the opportunity to regain the magic that resides within the self and surrounds all - his name, William Corey.

Since 1988, William Corey has created a variety of entertainment offerings, under the banner of Psychodynamic Entertainment, in which he has entertained, entranced, and enlightened adults, as well as children, to wonders often relegated to imagination and by-gone days.

William's brand of entertainment has an alchemy all its own, providing individuals and groups (large and small) the ability to participate within levels deeper than what simple visual diversions provide. In this way, William Corey is considered by many, who have experienced his offerings across his home state of Louisiana and through the southern United States, to be a true magician in the purest sense of the word. William's "magic", as it were, goes well beyond that of standard trickery, thus better encapsulating the wonders that the mental, physical, spiritual, and cultural worlds present.

If you desire something truly special for your next gathering or event, fill out his performance form now to help ensure his availability (bookings are on a first come, first served basis).

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P.O.Box 73693
Metairie, LA 70033-3693

(504) 887-0530 / (504) 261-2914


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"I wouldn't have believed it, but the effect you had on us was truly magical! "
- The Becker Family (client)

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