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Considered by many as one of the greatest thinkers and most influential scientists of the 20th century, Albert Einstein was an advocate in the power of imagination, mystery, and life's magic, as strongly suggested through several quotes attributed to him. However, in this day and age, it would seem that many educated individuals, not to mention others in the world, have relegated such notions to the category of timewasters, or something best reserved for childish fairytales, in lieu of fate's pre-conceived certainties. Fortunately, there are a few who go beyond what is generally thought or dreamt of - William Corey is such a person.

Although some may call him a "magician," "storyteller," "speaker," or "counselor", these labels seem woefully incomplete. As such, William Corey has created his own classification "Psychodynamatist". And, his unique offerings ("Psychodynamic Entertainment") can best be described as an artistic mix of cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history and ancient understandings that are often comprised of verbal and / or delicate visual enchantments. As an entertainer, while interacting with others, his communication of often disregarded / overlooked / abandoned connections can be felt as he presents powerful ideas of the past and present, helping his audiences capture the infinite of the now, as well as allow them to touch upon the wonderment they possess.

William's eclectic performance philosophies and style lend themselves to any venue, whether it is on a large stage or in a more intimate setting. So, allow yourself and give your guests (whether it be family, friends, and / or business acquaintances) the ability to regain the magic of lost or abandoned realms through William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment. Make your next event, function, or gathering one that everyone will be talking about!

Bookings are on a first come, first served basis - fill out his performance form now to help ensure his availability.

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