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William Corey – Speaking Image – RegainTheMagic.com It has often been noted that the most difficult public relation concerns faced by any business falls into three categories: Draw Others In (getting the product or service recognized and remembered), Generating Leads & Motivating Employees.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these problems. Let's take a look at them...

Draw Others In -
Whether you have a small business or large corporation, there is a tendency to believe that just because you have a business, clients will automatically come. An attitude of this type might lead to a few clients now and then, but it will become difficult for the business to stay afloat. When a business starts to face the downward spiral, more often than not, the management and / or ownership siphons all of its funds into the possibility of going out with a bang. Full page ads, sales, contests, giveaways, etc.- although, these plans do work in spreading the word -- unfortunately, it's little more than a death cry when such could have been used before the final days to not only help the business survive, but to thrive for many more years.

This fact has been known for some time by successful businesses and is demonstrated on a weekly or monthly basis through various advertisements and incentives. But, aside from coupons and give-a-ways, often the most powerful technique is creating an event in which the public is invited to take part in. Restaurants are most apt at using such techniques and finding that if entertainment is provided, more people are attracted.

Entertainment, no matter what the business or message, is a powerful tool to get the word out, bring people together and assist in helping patrons pass the time while waiting for service. Depending on the situation, it can help educate others about what you do or can offer, whether it be in your own establishment or a booth in a mall or trade show.

William Corey understands the subtleties involved within promotion and customer relations. He knows that he is not there to simply provide a diversion or a way to draw a crowd, but to help you provide a positive and memorable experience that can get your message out. As such, William creates a balance between promotion and performance so that your patrons, clientele or prospective consumers do not feel threatened or pressured while he makes your company and its offering more memorable in a positive manner.

Generate Leads -
Trade shows are a great way of getting ones' name / information / ideas out to the public. They also provide a unique venue to invite those, who may be on the fence about what you have to offer, with a chance to see and (if applicable) test what products you have. But, the goal of such shows is building new business and generating qualified leads. Unfortunately, a bowl of mints, a pack of pens or other items for one to take may be nice, but often serves to attract only those looking for giveaways.

However, an entertainer, if they know what they are doing, can engage those passing by, build interest in what you are offering through entertainment that is product / service focused that can sort out those seeking freebees from those who are serious in learning about what you offer.

As such, William Corey understands these concerns and, for such events, he has designed his offerings to attract a crowd and discover those who are truly interested, before turning them over to a knowledgeable and qualified representative. In this way, William assists you and your attending staff in being more productive in their attention to those who show positive signs of wanting more information, or are ready to buy.

Please note: depending on how you wish to utilize William's talents, it may be necessary to supply him with your product or service information so that he can design his services / performance around your needs. (William Corey makes no claims to being a salesperson for your company or business -- he is, instead, a draw that will pass the reigns over to a qualified representative when, and if, the prospective clients desire more information or wish to make a purchase.)

Motivate Employees -
In this situation, William Corey provides more than clichés , "feel-good sessions", or "trust-building games". Offering knowledge and using a variety of thought-provoking and self-examination techniques, William is able to get to the heart of the various motivational problems presented, allowing your staff to see and understand the power they possess within themselves as being assets to the company and their own success. He offers them a new outlook and approach to their job, as well as workable exercises that, when implemented and understood by everyone involved in each part of a business / corporation, can help maintain and / or increase productivity.

-Business Related Talks & Thought-shops Available-

Motivational Practices For Success -

(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
The first key to success, often overlooked, is motivation. Yet, what provides motivation differs from individual to individual. William helps those present locate what is really important to them, as well as how to discover what motivates others.

Management & Leadership Skills -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
In this day and age, there is a promotion of the “everyone’s a leader” mindset. This is understandable but, sadly, as many of us are all perhaps too familiar with, this does not always match well with reality. While many can learn to be leaders, it often takes time to gain these skills – as what may be necessary in one leadership role may be detrimental in another situation. In this offering, William goes into the fundamental principals and qualities often necessary to becoming the leader you need or want to be in getting the most out of your team.

Please note that within the areas of employee motivation, William has found it useful to incorporate some inner-office lingo in communicating with employees at their level. So, a written run-down of these words, hybrids, initials and their meanings is recommended. As such, it is preferable to give him at least a two to three months notice so that he can construct his presentations to fit your needs.

Your Role

If you would like William to speak / perform for you / your group, or on behalf of your company - or if you wish to inquire about pricing, availability, as well as any other concerns ...
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