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-Out With The Old In With The New Year (Seasonal Specialties)-

Thoughts & Facts

William Corey Having A Ball - RegainTheMagic.com Out with the old and in with the new. Whether it be the starting of spring cleaning or the renewal of resolutions, New Year's celebrations give us a time to make a clean break from things better left in the past and a time for reflection on the advances we've made within our individual lives. Celebrations are as varied as those who pay attention to this new beginning, from silent speculation to the participation and active involvement of mingling with neighbors and friends via block parties and get-togethers.

Your Role

If you are having a few close friends over or are planning a block party style event - William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment can assist in ringing in the New Year! Whether it's walk-around wonderments, offering an opportunity for your guests to gain metaphysical insights of the upcoming year or a personal personality perspective (perhaps even both), then William Corey has the entertainment you need to fill the bill.

Contact William Corey to discuss your event or fill out his Performance Form now!

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