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Thoughts and Facts

It's been written that nothing can affect, motivate or empower so much as the right word fitly spoken. Words have power. This truth should never be forgotten. Time has proven that the ways in which people are most often remembered are by their words and their actions. Plato, Buddha, Christ, Lincoln, Churchill, Hitler, Kennedy, or King Jr., while no longer among the living, their words (for good or ill) still live on, calling for motivation and action.

Being a speaker, William knows the importance of what is said. And while attending more trainings, seminars and workshops than he cares to admit, he has found that several speakers seemed more concerned with following popular trends in what he or she believes people want to hear. However, more often than not, slogans, clichés and over-bloated theories that sound good, yet are not easily achievable / sustainable are, unfortunately, commonplace. This is not to say the methods, tips, and advice offered by others will not work for some.

Alternatively, William provides practical knowledge which can assist others in gaining easily implemented and effective methods for making improvements and changes, if desired. William believes that effective communicators must connect with their audiences' needs, wants and desires, or, at least, attempt to understand them. Then, they should impart the ideas and practices that they have personally put through the test. This is what William does.

A natural self-starter and veracious seeker of knowledge, William enjoys delving into the study of various cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history, myths, legends, and ancient understandings in order to discover life's overlooked truths. His talks, workshops, and what he calls "thought shops" are based upon knowledge found, personally tested and, thereby, better accentuated by the skills he has gained in his entertainment endeavors. In this way, he brings words, stories and ideas to life which provide for deeper considerations and improvements that, more often than not, can be put to use immediately in a sustainable way by those who desire to do so.

Specialty Topic / Titles listed below:

Time & Work / Life Balance
Motivational Practices For Success
Management and Leadership Skills
The Words We Use
Recapturing The Relationship Spark
Rediscovering Your Core Self
How To Pray
Dowsing Your Metaphysical Compass
Encounters With The Spirit Realm (Praise & Problems)

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Your Role

You are, no doubt, aware of how powerful words can be, no matter the story / message related or announcement made. I'm sure you know that it's the delivery that makes the message clear. I guarantee you will easily benefit from William's investment to your endeavor.

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