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Thoughts & Facts

William Corey Speaking Image – RegainTheMagic.com It's been written that nothing can affect, motivate or empower so much as the right word fitly spoken. Words have power. This truth should never be forgotten. Time has proven that the ways in which people are most often remembered are by their words and their actions. Plato, Buddha, Christ, Lincoln, Churchill, Hitler, Kennedy, or King Jr., while no longer among the living, their words (for good or ill) still live on, calling for motivation and action.

Being a speaker, William knows the importance of what is said. And while attending more trainings, seminars and workshops than he cares to admit, he has found that several speakers seemed more concerned with following popular trends in what he or she believes people want to hear. However, more often than not, slogans, clichés and over-bloated theories that sound good, yet are not easily achievable / sustainable are, unfortunately, commonplace. This is not to say the methods, tips, and advice offered by others will not work for some.

Alternatively, William provides practical knowledge which can assist others in gaining easily implemented and effective methods for making improvements and changes, if desired. William believes that effective communicators must connect with their audiences' needs, wants and desires, or, at least, attempt to understand them. Then, they should impart the ideas and practices that they have personally put through the test. This is what William does.

A natural self-starter and veracious seeker of knowledge, William enjoys delving into the study of various cultural / philosophical beliefs, psychology, history, myths, legends, and ancient understandings in order to discover life's overlooked truths. His talks, workshops, and what he calls "thought-shops" are based upon knowledge found, personally tested and, thereby, better accentuated by the skills he has gained in his entertainment endeavors. In this way, he brings words, stories and ideas to life which provide for deeper considerations and improvements that, more often than not, can be put to use immediately in a sustainable way by those who desire to do so.

Speaking Topics Offered:

Having Time - Navagating The Work / Life Balance -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs. )
This talk delves into several of the everyday issues faced and personal mindsets that prevent one from having and maintaining a more balanced life. Most importantly, William Corey offers down-to-earth methods in becoming better connected to what life offers and assists those present in achieving a more balanced life.

Motivational Practices For Success -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
The first key to success, often overlooked, is motivation. Yet, what provides motivation differs from individual to individual. William helps those present locate what is really important to them, as well as how to discover what motivates others.

Management & Leadership Skills -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
In this day and age, there is a promotion of the “everyone’s a leader” mindset. This is understandable but, sadly, as many of us are all perhaps too familiar with, this does not always match well with reality. While many can learn to be leaders, it often takes time to gain these skills – as what may be necessary in one leadership role may be detrimental in another situation. In this offering, William goes into the fundamental principals and qualities often necessary to becoming the leader you need or want to be in getting the most out of your team.

The Words We Use -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
Words, for better or worse, are the things most look to in order to gain understanding (be it spoken or written). Regrettably, even simple words can offer a listener or reader with a maze of uncertainty when context isn’t properly identified or defined. In this presentation, William offers those present a different way to think about common communication.

Recapturing The Relationship Spark -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs. with Q&A
One of the easiest things to do and greatest detriments to any relationship is the ability to take ones partner for granted. In this presentation, William Corey seeks to give individuals and couples tips and tools to keep / recapture the feelings that brought each of you together in the first place, to better assert the power each brings to the relationship, thus making the two stronger than the sum of its parts.

Rediscovering Your Core Self -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs. with Q&A
It’s often a simple thing to give oneself over to another person, a job, a position, a thought or a belief and get completely lost to that individual / thing. This is not always bad, but it can quickly become a negative if one becomes so that there is feeling that one cannot exist without that attachment. In this, William Corey offers those present a method for rediscovering the things really important to them in their lives.

Encounters With The Spirit Realm (Praise & Problems) -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr.)
Realms of the unknown, the hidden and occult are attractive and intriguing subjects for many individuals. Often times, one chooses to venture into these territories for several reasons. Some are accompanied with the knowledge from a few commonly available books or various on-screen portrayals to guide them. Others choose to reject any possible interest, often condemning those who mention any such desire. Both attitudes are problematic, as neither can keep one as safe as one hopes or expects. In this talk, William Corey provides first-hand knowledge, experiences and observances he gained within his own expeditions, as well as a few of those from others. This presentation is salted with tips to help provide a better understanding of these realms, guard against being sucked into negative areas and preventing one from being taken advantage of by unsavory energies (including individuals and businesses who might put profits over proper consideration or respect).

Pray Tell -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
Prayer is said to be the best method that we, as humans, can communicate with the divine. Yet, the main questions one often has before beginning this process, when engaging in this spiritual practice, or after some time include the following: “What is prayer?”, “How does one pray?”, “Who hears my prayers?”, “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”, “Are there different types of prayers / ways of praying?” and “What is the difference between a prayer and a spell?”. In this presentation, William delves into and answers these common, but often underexplored, questions to provide knowledge and assistance to those seeking and those who participate in such activities.

A Near Death Experience (A Very Personal Perspective) -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs. with Q&A)
Due to a previously unknown heart defect, William died twice. This provided him a glimpse of what awaits on the other side. Within this powerful talk, he relates his unique experience, offers his thoughts about this “journey” and gives those present just as much to think about as he has been given (possibly even causing believers and the most knowledgeable researchers to question what they think they know).

Dowsing Your Metaphysical Compass -
(Breif Talk -no frills overview – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. , Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr.
Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
William Corey invites you to discover the history, various tools, methods, proper use, popular applications and various insights regarding the art of dowsing in order to provide real world skills that can immediately be put to use and help increase the development of your personal psychic potential.

Some others may consider what is offered herein as lectures. William thinks that such a classification carries with it an air of stuffiness or thoughts of a classroom-type environment wherein those present are forced to sit quietly (often in a darkened room) as a presenter reads their presentation from behind a lectern, offering projected images of brief, easy to read bullet points for emphasis or to break the monotony, at best - at worst, offering slides filled with paragraphs of small text to read along with. William’s speaking style differs. If the environment allows for freedom of movement (which some don’t), then you’ll rarely find him stuck behind a lectern. Furthermore, he rarely reads his presentations, often offering a talk appearing more spontaneous in its flow. This has lead him to preferring a less technological dependant approach (that is foreign to most speakers today) often being able to speak and be heard in most rooms without the need of a microphone. Yet, it should be understood that the lack of technological accoutrements (such as slide ware presentations / microphone and related equipment) depends upon the topic, number of people in the audience and the environment required to work.

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Your Role

You are, no doubt, aware of how powerful words can be, no matter the story / message related or announcement made. I'm sure you know that it's the delivery that makes the message clear. I guarantee you will easily benefit from William's investment to your endeavor.

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