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-Guestbook Archives - An Introduction-

History/ Facts & Links to Archived Messages

William Corey Displaying a Scroll – RegainTheMagic.com William's guestbook was set up in July of '98, permitting clients, audience members, wanderers and seekers to offer their thoughts & comments about William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment, and those just wanting to say hi.

Over the years, the guest books used have been hosted through the goodness of various providers and, as of February 2012, is currently hosted by 123guestbook.com. Although many of the older providers are now defunct, these closures came with advance notice. As such, the messages left have been saved.

What is found within the following archive pages (linked below) are those saved messages as well as newer comments, reviews and notes received. Read and enjoy.

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containing the oldest entries dating from 1998 through 2004!

William's Guestbook Archive Page 2
containing messages from 2005 through 2010!

William's Guestbook Archive Page 3
containing messages from 2011 through 2015!

William's Guestbook Archive Page 4
containing messages from 2016 to the most recent!

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