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Beyond the world of the generally accepted lies a grey area of dreams and nightmares, a turning point where, for some, perceived reality shifts. What causes the shift differs from person to person. Yet, when it does, the world never looks quite the same again.

A growing number of people have ventured past the commonly perceived and opened themselves up to things that some may label, at worst, "delusions of overactive imaginings" or, at best, "supernatural activity". (Often included, herein, is a belief in extra-sensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance, ghosts, haunted places and / or objects, as well as various religious / magickal practices and beliefs). In fact, for many of those who do believe, study and/or take part in such things, this hidden reality is not some simple "delusional imaginings" or something that is even "supernatural." It is, actually, quite "real" and "natural." Their reasoning is simply that the majority of individuals are not willing to accept the reality of experiences (personal or otherwise) that is outside of what is generally accepted by the public and scientific community-at-large. After all, it is often easier, as well as a bit safer, to simply go along rather then consider a possibility which resides outside of conventional thought.

This is, of course, what some believe. Your view may differ. Now, with that, it must be stated that William Corey makes no claims as to what others should or should not believe within this regard. However, he does admit that contemplation and reflection from time-to-time on such subjects, although a bit frightening for some, can be an interesting exercise. In this aspect, William's performance offerings (listed below) present an assortment of tales, demonstrations, ideas and experiments that might just make you and your guests rethink where the line is between the natural and the supernatural

William's Thought-Provoking Offerings

Whether you are a believer, skeptic, or simply want an entertaining and thought-provoking evening, then it may do you well to look into the following Performance or Speaking offerings listed below...

- Performance Offerings -

Journeys Through the Veil -
(This offering is approx. 45 min. in length.)
Take a trip through paranormal beliefs, thoughts, ideas, experiments and man's quest for enlightenment with William Corey. Various themes can include, but are not limited to, power of belief, alchemy, ghosts and hauntings ( the latter might fall into the classification of “Spirit Theater”). What theme your group receives is William’s choice, unless something is specifically requested and can be worked out.

The Raising of Silas Fitch (a séance) -
(This offering is approx. 45 min. in length.)
William attempts to connect with the spirit of a 17th century grave robber with this unique entertainment offering. (Limited to 12 guests and would be classified as “Spirit Theater”) For larger groups, “A Modern Séance" performance is available.

A Modern Séance -
(show is approx. 45 min. in length)
William takes on the role of medium in this attraction. Please note: due to the ability to accommodate a larger group (up to 25 guests), it is not as "theatrical" as the above offering, but still would be classified as “Spirit Theater”

The Memory Séance -
(5 - 10 guests / participants is optimal for this offering and it is approx. 45 min. in length)
In this highly-personalized and uniquely individual entertainment experience, William conducts an experiment involving an ancient practice of memory recollection that some might consider as being "beyond this plane of existence". What is presented in this offering might challenge your perception of what you may believe a seance is, or has to be.

The Psychic Party -
(2 hour minimum - for more information, see William's psychics page)
William leads an entertaining and enlightening participatory journey (demonstration / explanation / discussion) into an introduction of various psychic phenomenons, abilities, common terminology and acquainting those present with various metaphysical tools that have and can be used for self development. Included with this offering is the ability for some of those present to learn something about themselves through William’s “Brief Personality Readings”

- Related Talks & Thought-shops Available -

Encounters With The Spirit Realm (Praise & Problems) -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr.)
Realms of the unknown, the hidden and occult are attractive and intriguing subjects for many individuals. Often times, one chooses to venture into these territories for several reasons. Some are accompanied with the knowledge from a few commonly available books or various on-screen portrayals to guide them. Others choose to reject any possible interest, often condemning those who mention any such desire. Both attitudes are problematic, as neither can keep one as safe as one hopes or expects. In this talk, William Corey provides first-hand knowledge, experiences and observances he gained within his own expeditions, as well as a few of those from others. This presentation is salted with tips to help provide a better understanding of these realms, guard against being sucked into negative areas and preventing one from being taken advantage of by unsavory energies (including individuals and businesses who might put profits over proper consideration or respect).

Pray Tell -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
Prayer is said to be the best method that we, as humans, can communicate with the divine. Yet, the main questions one often has before beginning this process, when engaging in this spiritual practice, or after some time include the following: “What is prayer?”, “How does one pray?”, “Who hears my prayers?”, “Why aren’t my prayers answered?”, “Are there different types of prayers / ways of praying?” and “What is the difference between a prayer and a spell?”. In this presentation, William delves into and answers these common, but often underexplored, questions to provide knowledge and assistance to those seeking and those who participate in such activities.

A Near Death Experience (A Very Personal Perspective) -
(Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs. with Q&A)
Due to a previously unknown heart defect, William died twice. This provided him a glimpse of what awaits on the other side. Within this powerful talk, he relates his unique experience, offers his thoughts about this “journey” and gives those present just as much to think about as he has been given (possibly even causing believers and the most knowledgeable researchers to question what they think they know).

Dowsing Your Metaphysical Compass -
(Breif Talk -no frills overview – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr. , Standard Talk – approx. 45 min. to 1 hr.
Thought-shop Formatted Talk – approx. 3 hrs.)
William Corey invites you to discover the history, various tools, methods, proper use, popular applications and various insights regarding the art of dowsing in order to provide real world skills that can immediately be put to use and help increase the development of your personal psychic potential.

The above offerings are designed for adult / mature audiences - not because of "blue" or "risqué" material, but because the things and ideas presented tend to cause one to question one's notions about life, death, the nature of reality and acceptance of what many claim is supernatural, paranormal or occult. As such, topics may disturb less mature / younger audiences. If this sort of entertainment is not to your liking, or you desire something for younger groups, then it is recommended that you look into William's other offerings.

Your Role

If your goal during the next event (be it party, get-together or a draw for your book / antique / oddity shop, B&B, hotel, restaurant, historic location, etc.) is not only to gather a group of people in one place, but to foster a deeper bond via truly unique discussions amongst your guests while providing them with a long-lasting unique experience which will help make your efforts and / or venue into the stuff legends are made - then William's offerings might just fulfill your wishes.

Fill out William’s
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