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Thoughts & Facts (an update)

William Corey - Rings – RegainTheMagic.com Over the many years, I've had the pleasure of getting to know William Corey and being witness to what he has developed, “Psychodynamic Entertainment” (a term based off of his studies of psychology). I am more than a fan than ever before.

Time has a way of changing people. Perceptions alter and thoughts are honed. Yet, some things remain the same, some get better and others get worse. The struggles William has faced when we first met remain issues and perhaps always will, as some still think of him as simply a "magician", "storyteller", "speaker" , "psychic", "counselor", "artist", etc…. This does not seem to bother him as much as it once did. He says "I've never taken it as an insult, per-se. I've just realized that, at times, it's more difficult for new concepts to replace older ones, especially if they are person specific. The terminology I've developed and used for what I do make sense to most, but only after they have seen a variety of my offerings."

My first exposure to William Corey was during one of his magical presentations, and such introductions do forever taint ones perceptions. At that time, I saw him performing in pantomime with other magicians during a fund-raiser where each entertainer would perform about 15 minutes. While the things he did were somewhat familiar to what I had seen done by other performers at similar events, William had a way of capturing the attention of all present, causing the gymnasium to fall silent. His remarkable way of drawing his audience into his world, the way no others I had seen do, was truly remarkable.

Before my introduction, he put himself and his skills to the test on the streets of New Orleans and Atlanta for two years, living only off the tips received by those who stopped, watched and listened to him to decide if he could turn his skills into his career. Since getting to know him, I have seen him perform at a number of locations and venues across the southern United States, including the riverboat Natchez, on stage at the Orpheum Theater, as well as a number of private parties, fairs, festivals, conventions, trade shows, psychic fairs and wellness expos - presenting several of his offerings. Listening to his talks and having readings done by him, taking note of others reactions and comments in all of these areas offered a more complete picture of his gifts and talents.

While I do think of him as a "magician", it’s not for the reasons others might attach this label. The way he views life, his style, words and actions are reminiscent of those who exist mostly in memory and legend - those who have walked the wizards way (which includes a desire to combine the knowledge of science, nature, the spiritual world, philosophy, history and craftsmen who ventured beyond, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the world and universe and then putting that knowledge to work for something greater to be achieved).

Likewise, his approach to his life and art is definitely unique. Perhaps this is due to his parents' artistic abilities and creative look at the world that has helped them in their career. Perhaps it was having experienced the passing on of loved ones while William was young, or maybe it’s his constant search for life's understanding and meaning perpetuated not only by his love of learning, but the legends, lore, customs and traditions of Louisiana's Greater-New Orleans area in which he was born and raised. Perhaps it was a combination of all these things which gave William the sense that there was more than what the five senses could relate to him.

William's search led him to study the performance aspect of the magical arts (and received a number of awards for his skills in that arena) in hopes of meeting those of like mind, but this was met mostly with disappointment. He states "it's like when the curtain was pulled back on the 'Wizard of OZ' to discover a somewhat pitiful character with a set of tricks. In a way, a truth was found, but not the one for which I was particularly searching for. It's unfortunately ironic that the majority of those who are most animate about calling themselves "magicians" have lost their sense of awe, wonderment or the possibility of the impossible that can be accomplished by ways other than deception. As such, a more honest moniker would include that of ‘juggler’, ‘deceiver’ or ‘trickster’”. The often-quoted line in this performance form speaks volumes "a magician is an actor playing the part of a magician." Yet, William cites a response to this quote from a trade interview given by a fellow performer "Either you are a magician with magical powers, or you are not. It's as simple as that."

William asserts, “My journey into what I call ‘the world of the charlatan’ is a bit ironic, as many of my associates have considered my delving to be more than heretical and an anathema to their view of what a ‘magicians’ role is. This art form provided a necessary step in understanding what it takes to stand before others and communicate a world of familiar, yet foreign, ideas to them. In time I learned that I could stand alone, without the attachment of something that serves to draw direct attention away from myself as an entertainer and slowly eliminate the need to fill the performance with things to mentally hide behind. I doubt I would have been able to successfully develop the skills needed to communicate such things as effectively in another capacity, such as when asked to give a speaking presentation or provide my skills as a reader, where focus is more directed towards me and my words.”

While he does not claim any supernatural powers / abilities, and personally avoids the “magician” label (as well as other identifiers, commonly thought of, such as speaker, psychic, counselor, etc.) William claims, “they have their place, but are unfortunately superficially deceptive and encourage assumptions”. This, however, does not discount his abilities in these fields, as watching and listening to William, for me, is like opening a window into the realms of philosophy and mystery once cherished long ago, thus he allows one to put aside the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and consider the what if’s. Likewise, perhaps it’s best to use the term William Corey has coined for himself - that of "Psychodynamatist".

I'm sure that he will not only make you think and wonder, but he will also touch the soul in a way that few others have.

Respectfully Submitted,
C. Fields

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