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Thoughts & Facts

William Corey Crystal Contemplation – RegainTheMagic.com Since the dawning of time, mankind has searched for answers to life's situations. “In the past, people sought various tools and techniques of divination to gain answers, otherwise unknown. Today, just as back then, some shelter themselves away in hopes of gaining some morsel of esoteric wisdom lost to others. Yet, the truly gifted souls have never needed the tools or hours in solitude to grasp such answers. They are able to loose themselves in the world of the unknown without much, if any, effort. These gifted individuals are the only ones who should be considered psychic” says William Corey.

"Everyone has the ability to develop certain aspects of themselves in regards to, what is considered to be, paranormal abilities." Yet, William states "these days, it seems that anyone who picks up a deck of tarot cards can claim to be a psychic. Unfortunately, the term ‘Medium’ is facing a similar fate, especially since a distinction between the various types of 'mediumship' and 'psychic gifts' is not often made clear.

While all mediums purport to connect with those on the other side, spirit, ascended masters, angelic entities, etc., there are differences. Among those are ‘physical mediumship’ which includes 'direct voice', 'channeling' and ‘trance mediumship’ (the latter may make use of a crystal ball, mirror, bowl of water, candle flame or other point of focus). Then there is ‘mental mediumship’ which combines the use of one or more psychic abilities (i.e. ‘clairvoyance’ (clear seeing), ‘clairaudience’ (clear hearing), ‘clairsentience’ (clear sensing), ‘clairsentinence’ (clear feeling), ‘clairgustance’ (clear tasting), ‘clairalience’ (clear smelling) and / or 'claircognizance’ (clear knowing)) to accompany other, more generally expected, reading methods used.

Now, it has been argued that one cannot be a proficient reader / psychic without using at least one of the ‘clairs’, whether or not one acknowledges the ‘clair(s)’ present within themselves, or not. Regrettably, the public may visit several self-designated 'mediums' not understanding anything but what they believe a ‘medium’ is and, inevitably, have vastly different reading experiences, as some will come off as a standard ‘psychic’ (if there is such a thing) or card reader, while another may not use any physical tools at all. Sadly, virtually any reader (even one who just bought a deck a cards and consults the book it came with) can call themselves a ‘medium’ and reap the benefits of assumptive reasoning based upon simple omissions - and many do."

For better or worse, William rejects these labels for himself and instead, when asked, chalks-up his ability to his interests, studies and simple intuition. He claims “it’s up to each individual who comes to me for a reading to decide for themselves where my gifts lay - based upon their own reading experience with me." As such, he does not pretend to see or read the future as something definite, as he has found it often shifts based upon ones attitude and actions. Rather, his insights are designed to inform his clients of aspects of themselves that may or may not be realized, possible issues, situations, and depending on the reading, obstacles which might arise based upon past and present conditions or state of mind.

William is acutely aware that some of the things he does (namely - his involvement with the performance of magic) might call into question activities in this realm. And he stated, "I don't believe it has been so much of a hindrance as a help, since it has forced me to become more skeptical in my approach to interpretations and others' claims to unusual phenomenon. I've had to re-evaluate myself and the books I've read in order to sort out the trash from the treasure. In this way, I have been able to unearth the truths needed to gain self-mastery and help others in this endeavor, as well."

Likewise, William’s view and personal rejection of popular labels has led him to face opposition by some of his colleagues and those who seek such self-identification from the ones who desire a reading - yet, his down-to-earth approach and insights have earned him a measure of appreciation from believers and skeptics alike.

So, What Does He Do & Offer?

Under his banner of "Metaphysical Insights, Readings & Interpretations", William Corey offers two types of reading styles, they are:

Metaphysical Insights -
This sort of reading is more in line with what one expects a "psychic" to do (i.e. cover aspects of ones' past, current condition and possible future trajectory based upon current and past factors). To facilitate the interpretations offered, William often uses a combination of the tarot cards, the runes and, if necessary, the pendulum which assist him in clearing any confusion had (yet, other tools and methods may be employed or substituted). His combination of various tools and techniques assist him in overcoming many impediments to the reading process a client may have.

Note: William's method of offering his "Metaphysical Insights" usually entails a lengthy reading . However, William has been known to offer a less time consuming method more suitable to events and private parties by limiting the questions asked, the tools used or employing less conventional, yet just as accurate, reading procedures. As such, the width and breadth of the information related will inevitably be curtailed in such situations.

Personality Readings -
With these interpretations, William utilizes a combination of metaphysical techniques and psychological understandings to uncover what one is subconsciously transmitting to others within ones environment, thus allowing one the ability to gain awareness of what he/she is projecting to others in order to decide if personal changes / improvements, attitude or outlook should be made. In this process, William often capitalizes on a mix of psychological understandings, underground techniques and those he developed utilizing commonly-found objects such as paper and writing utensils, lipstick, etc..

Note: "Personality Readings" are perfect for parties and events where not everyone present may have a positive notion of a more "mystical" reading experience, when time for each guest desiring a reading is limited or city / state statutes prevent any sort of prediction (except relating to those who predict upcoming weather conditions, speculate on the stock market, claim to know what an election will bring, etc.).

It may also be of interest to know that William, often relying on old, forgotten and otherwise overlooked techniques (that assist him in helping those who seek him out along their path) and his personal journey, interests and studies has led him to rediscovering and, at times, incorporating and using more obscure methodology and / or tools such as dice, coins, shells, sand and books to facilitate readings.

His accumulated knowledge has also led to the creation and development of new methods and tools that have served him and his clients well. Of these, the most popular are as follows: The first relies on a simple form of Pythagorean numerology, dice and an understanding of the human aura. While it is a longer reading process than others he created, it serves to identify issues that are often hidden by other methods which he calls "Chaclromancy". For those who find the occult nature of other tools off-putting, he developed his own form of "Illustration Interpretations”, “Symbol Stones", as well as a " Candy Reading" (utilizing certain candies) and "Puzzle Cube Reading" (utilizing of a slightly modified popular 1980’s puzzle) just to name a few.

These lesser known and created procedures may be put to use by him in either of the reading styles he offers or situations that he has found their use to be most appropriate.

Note: None of the tools or methods developed by William Corey are for sale, but reserved for his use in the readings he offers.

Your Role

Galileo Galilei was once quoted with the following - "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." So, whether you desire a reading / reader for your own edification, your next event, or are looking for an entertaining and thought-provoking group activity on the metaphysical side of things - then look no further than William Corey, as he can offer something to suit your needs.

For individual, couple & small group interpretations (up to four people at one time) at your location-
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Reading Form.

For multiple individual insights that are perfect for events, ladies' nights, parties, sweet 16's, wedding receptions, banquets, trade shows, conventions, grand openings, fairs, festivals, or other promotional activities - fill out William's
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-- Be Aware --
The "Readings", "Interpretations", and other offerings provided by William Corey are strictly for the entertainment of the parties he is working with. None of them are intended / should be assumed to supersede or replace any form of legal, medical, or psychological counseling. Hexes and curses are not placed or removed, nor are any “miraculous” or “instant” cures be they spiritual or physical given or sold.

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