Did you know that the most often heard complaint after attending a party or event, by people who are not well acquainted with each other, is not being able to connect with others present?

Wouldn't it be great to provide your guests with an experience that breaks down communication barriers, beyond the use of food / drink and musical accompaniment?


You have unlocked a door that, if fully entered, will lead you and your guests to an entertainment experience that is truly beyond the ordinary with William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment!

What makes William Corey different from other entertainers?

William Corey is an accomplished entertainer and communicator who's not afraid to interact with his audiences, bring others together, and even challenge ones perception of one's own limitations and that of the world around them. His unique entertainment offerings regularly lead to quality conversations and discussions between individuals who have just met, to more thought-provoking discussions between better known acquaintances and friends, lasting long after William has made his exit.

What Is "Psychodynamic Entertainment"?

"Psychodynamic Entertainment" (a term coined by William Corey to more clearly define what he does) is briefly described by him as an artistic mix of cultural / philosophical beliefs, myths, legends, and history, that are often comprised with both verbal and visual enchantments designed to breathe new life into notions that are often overlooked or abandoned in lieu of perceived certainties.

Is William's Psychodynamic Entertainment right for me?

William's background and the distinctive nature of his "Psychodynamic Entertainment" has afforded him the ability to design several unique offerings for individuals and groups, both large and small. Whether providing private parties / events entertainment enchantments, either as a subtle addition or the main focus of the party / event experience, or a more message centric promotional, informational, and motivational based needs - chances are good that William Corey has an entertainment offering to fulfill your entertainment wishes.

Note: While much of what William does is designed for mature groups (often due to the themes and subjects touched upon) he also offers a few specialties geared for younger audiences, as well as for occasions in which the ages of those present are varied.

What more could one ask for!

Bookings are limited - fill out his Performance Form or contact William Corey now to help avoid disappointment!

P.O.Box 73693
Metairie, LA 70033-3693

(504) 887-0530 / (504) 261-2914


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William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment

"Capturing Dreams, Nightmares, & Legends For Your Entertainment Pleasure"
- since 1988 -

(Louisiana Based - Serving The Southern U.S.)

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