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Thoughts & Facts

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Halloween is a melding of pagan (particularly Celtic) and Christian (primarily Catholic) practices - mixing Samhain (pronounced "sow-in," and meaning "summer’s end"), it was / is the pagan new year marking the final harvest before winter. It encouraged contemplation of the past, of what was harvested that year and family and friends lost. It was also a time they looked towards their future. Themes of past and present, endings and beginnings, death and birth are all entwined. A few of the more popular events are "All Saints Day" (a holiday for honoring early Christian martyrs), "All Souls Day" (a day set aside to honor all of the dead) and the "Day of the Dead" or "Dia de los Muertos" celebration (a time when many families remember their deceased and the continuation of life with a blend of Aztec ritual and Catholic theology).

It’s been claimed by many that the veil between the living and the departed is at its thinnest during this season and souls are free to visit this world again. Some people who are religious, spiritual or have gifts of a paranormal nature can, it's been said, become more receptive to their abilities during this time.

Traditions and festivities have included trick-or-treating, feasts, bonfires, music, storytelling, games, prayers, vigils and cleaning or decorating the graves of deceased family members. Today, some of these activities have fallen by the wayside, giving way to movie marathons in place of stories, haunted houses in place of games and many church-sponsored "Hell House" activities that focus on saving one's soul rather than promoting prayers and vigils for those who have passed. This season is truly a magical time that has been looked upon with fear, fun, contemplation and reverence.

William knows the power this holiday holds and the reverence it deserves. Unfortunately, like many holidays, it has been reduced to easily graspable ideas. It can be fun to be frightened by things that lurk in the dark when it's somewhat expected, but what is more thrilling is the realization that there are many things still not completely understood about the world in which we live and its interaction with the rest of the universe. Many belief systems give explanations and there are many stories of happenings within the unseen realms that affect the earthly plane. William has delved into the "unknown" and has come away with a few tales and explanations of his own; as I am sure you have if you have entered into these realms. Williams' offerings for this season present some of his findings and possible proof that there is more to this world than what some wish to accept.

William's Thought-Provoking Offerings

Whether you are a believer, skeptic, or simply want an entertaining and thought-provoking evening, then it may do you well to look into the following performance offerings -

Journeys Through the Veil -
(This offering is approx. 45 min. in length.)
Take a trip through paranormal beliefs, thoughts, ideas, experiments and man's quest for enlightenment with William Corey. Various themes can include, but are not limited to, power of belief, alchemy, ghosts and hauntings ( the latter might fall into the classification of “Spirit Theater”). What theme your group receives is William’s choice, unless something is specifically requested and can be worked out

The Raising of Silas Fitch (a séance) -
(This offering is approx. 45 min. in length.)
William attempts to connect with the spirit of a 17th century grave robber with this unique entertainment offering. (Limited to 12 guests and would be classified as “Spirit Theater”) For larger groups, “A Modern Séance" performance is available.

A Modern Séance -
(show is approx. 45 min. in length)
William takes on the role of medium in this attraction. Please note: due to the ability to accommodate a larger group (up to 25 guests), it is not as "theatrical" as the above offering, but still would be classified as “Spirit Theater”

The Memory Séance -
(5 - 10 guests / participants is optimal for this offering and it is approx. 45 min. in length)
In this highly-personalized and uniquely individual entertainment experience, William conducts an experiment involving an ancient practice of memory recollection that some might consider as being "beyond this plane of existence". What is presented in this offering might challenge your perception of what you may believe a séance is, or has to be.

The Psychic Party -
(2 hour minimum - for more information, see William's psychic page)
William leads an entertaining and enlightening participatory journey (demonstration / explanation / discussion) into an introduction of various psychic phenomenons, abilities, common terminology and acquainting those present with various metaphysical tools that have and can be used for self development. Included with this offering is the ability for some of those present to learn something about themselves through William’s “Brief Personality Readings”

The above offerings are designed for adult / mature audiences - not because of "blue" or "risqué" material, but because the things and ideas presented tend to cause one to question one's notions about life, death, the nature of reality and acceptance of what many claim is supernatural, paranormal or occult. As such, topics may disturb less mature / younger audiences. If this sort of entertainment is not to your liking, or you desire something for younger groups, then it is recommended that you look into William's other offerings.

Your Role

If your goal for this haunted holiday is to serve up more than chips, dip, sweets, creepy decour and monster movie-style gore, then William Corey might just be your best guide into a relm that some think is best left to the pages of books or only seen upon a screen.

Fill out William’s Performance Form now to provide a better understanding of your entertainment needs, wants and desires.

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