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-Seasonal Specialties For Christmas-

Thoughts & Facts

William Corey - Sand Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations for the people belonging to the Christian faith. Nevertheless, it would be incorrect to assume that it is only celebrated among the followers of Christ. In fact, many non-Christians participate in the festivities because they recognize that the spirit of faith, hope, peace, and charity, which the season broadly represents, are things that the world could use a little more of. To share this message - caroling, gift-giving, gathering and feasting with friends and family all are celebration mainstays that add to the magic of the holiday season.

At such times, it is not unusual to find parties and get-togethers that enlist the use of specialty entertainment to help bring people together, as well as to reinforce the good times, mystery and wonderment that the season provides. Indeed, all of these ingredients, when combined, can create that special Christmas atmosphere.

However, it should be noted that Christmas, itself, is not something everyone celebrates in the same way. A simple look at the song "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" reveals the line "There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago." To some, this line seems out of context with the season, but it should not, as many people look to it as a time to remember all of those who have passed on, as well as a time of reflection of ones personal past thoughts and actions as a way of repentance, contemplation and growth. If truth be told, this idea is the basis of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

It would also be well to note that in Victorian times many Christmas activities were more akin to that of Halloween celebrations than what is generally imagined. It was not unusual back then that Christmas parties were capped off with the telling of ghost stories and the holding of séances. Moreover, this tradition is still popular in some areas of Europe, as these activities offer the group the chance to reconnect to the past while contemplating the future.

In many circles within the United States, these activities are being re-discovered. The ones who are re-instituting this activity for themselves and their party-goers claim it brings with it a balance that most typical Christmas celebrations are lacking and that is a chance to reflect on the past, counting the blessings one has.

Along with entertainment more widely accepted by today's standards as being appropriate to the season, William Corey also offers modern-day audiences a chance to experience the "darker" entertainments of "Christmases long, long ago".

William's Winter Holiday Offerings

Although William offers his usual array of entertainment offerings and can even design somehing to suit your needs, the nature of this season has inspired him to create the following...

Spirits of Christmas Past-
(This offering is available in lengths varying from approx.45 min. in length.)
This unique mix of insight, history, storytelling and a bit of theater provides you & your guests an opportunity to discover and experience a Christmastime tradition of long-ago that is not only designed to entertain, but provides those present a chance to reflect on the past, and contemplate the future.

-Businesses & Business Owners-

Do you have / run / own / manage / a Bed & Breakfast (B&B), Plantation (open to visitors), Restaurant, Coffee House, Tea / Antique / Metaphysical Shop or Book Store and are looking to provide your guests / patrons with the prospect to experience something truly different and perhaps a way to get others in the door and gain some extra money at the same time?

Did you know that William Corey’s Psychodynamic Entertainment provides more than private parties, convention and trade show entertainment? Well, the entertainment offerings discussed above are perfectly suited for ticket sales or “special guest packages”. In fact, if your business is located in a structure that contains items that have a past / has one, itself, or is in an old section of town that does - entertainment that is more personalized to this situation might be created to reflect this unique history!

If a more casual experience is desired for your patrons / guests, rather than a more group-structured one, then the personality or metaphysical readings he offers may better suit your needs. So, whether it’s a one-time event, a weeknight / weekend or monthly scheduled excursion into realms seldom understood or realized - simply contact William to discuss your desires and ideas.

Your Role

If your goal during the next event (be it a party, get-together or a draw for your book / antique / oddity shop, B&B, hotel, restaurant, historic location, etc.) is not only to gather a group of people in one place, but to foster a deeper bond via truly unique discussions amongst your guests (while providing them with a long-lasting, positively memorable experience which will help make your efforts and / or venue into the stuff legends are made) - then William's offerings might just fulfill your wishes.

Fill out: William’s Performance Form now to provide him with a better understanding of your entertainment needs, wants and desires.

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