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William Corey - Keys & Logo– RegainTheMagic.com It's been said time and time again that "location is everything". If you are the one in charge of booking or setting up a function, whether it is an intimate gathering or a large public display, you, no doubt, realize the problems that can arise when setting up the location. The last thing you need is for a performer to make demands of performance space or location.

Over the years that William has been in the entertainment field, he has found himself in a variety of venues from large stages to living rooms. Yet, many who request his talents seem to ponder the question of a proper performance area. This need not be a major concern, although, William does have performances that dictate certain standards or qualifications in the performance location or group size limitations, as mentioned within his performance form . This is not the case for all, or even most, of what he offers.

William's variety of performances allows him to fit into your needs, whether it be on a stage (large or small) or in the middle of the floor, as strolling entertainment from table-to-table or guest-to-guest. If you are not sure of your performance needs, William is more than willing to discuss your situation and desires so that a happy solution can be found to best suit your individual situation.

It might also be noted that William has performed across the southern portion of the United States. If truth be told, several of his performances take place beyond the limits of his city and state of residence. So, there is little need to be concerned about the location of your party or event being a negative factor within your decision to inquire of his offerings. In fact, his performing schedule may put him closer to you than you might think.

Your Role

If you are looking for an entertainer who is able to perform in a variety of situations, then look no further then William Corey's Psychodynamic Entertainment! From theaters to picnics, banquet halls to restaurants, fairgrounds and parks to classrooms and gymnasiums, hospitality suites to sales floors, boardrooms to backyards, no matter where your event, party, training or get-together is to be held, William has entertainment to fit your needs.

Contact William Corey to discuss your event or fill out his Performance Form now!

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