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This page contains entries dating from 2016 through the most recent, in order, from bottom to top.


Tristan Shaw • 4:54pm 08-11-2019
We needed a speaker and decided to book you after reading several of your LinkedIn articles, as we thought your topics and outlook was what we needed. You were incredibly powerful, thought-provoking and inspirational. The entire group loved it and you! You not only met but exceeded our expectations. Thanks for the fantastic information and the way you connected with each of us, directly.

Trish W. • 9:34pm 07-27-2019
Finally - an entertainer who is more concerned with his clients and audience than his own ego! Amazing show!

Joy & Kevin D. • 5:06pm 11-03-2018
What you did, William, will help make our Halloween 2018 party go down in history! We couldn't have conjured a spell or concocted a witches brew that would have been any better than what you provided!

Ginger DeMarco • 8:34pm 10-30-2018
William, your memory seance was the most amazing metaphysical journey any of us had experienced. Thank you for allowing us to reconnect with what we thought we had forgotten!

Karen and Nick Hebert • 7:26pm 10-30-2018
Loved your wizard show, the kiddos couldn't stop talking about all the magic you had them do.

Jackie & Ryan Matthe • 9:19pm 10-28-2018
Thank you so much for the information and amazing readings. You had all of our guests spellbound! It all made for an fantastic Halloween event!

Richard B. • 12:40am 09-03-2018
I was pleasantly surprised by your take on dowsing. Your down-to-earth approach, fair-minded research of the topic and possible reasons for the phenomena provided much more insight than those who present these mysteries with a level of certainty not had. Your presentation was both enjoyable and enlightening, great work!

Ursula G • 4:42am 09-01-2018
I never knew that dowsing had so many uses or that I didn't need any special tools to do basic Q&A dowsing! It was a fantastic presentation William, I learned a lot!

Kiva and Andy Beck • 7:25am 08-30-2018
William, your dowsing talk / workshop, demonstrations and our own experimentations led to the greatest response that our private events ever had!

Nancy S. • 2:56pm 07-29-2018
I just wanted to tell you that I really put to use several of the ideas you told my group about in your time management presentation, a few months back. They have really helped me re-prioritize my life and work in ways I thought were unimaginable, you are a blessing!

Bryan G. •
12:01am 06-25-2018
Consistently outstanding, never fails to impress!

Becca and Ty •
10:32pm 06-24-2018
We contacted William 4 months before our Memorial Day party and asked if he could do at least one thing that would incorporate a military theme into his show for us. He asked a few questions, said he would work on it and see what he could do. Based on past reviews, we took a chance and booked him - feeling that, no matter what, we’d have something out of the ordinary to talk about. Imagine our surprise when his whole show and all he did focused on that theme! It was an amazing and moving experience. We can't thank William Corey enough for all his work, skill and time!

Kendra I • 5:01pm 06-09-2018
Super excited with your show! You are amazing!

Emily J. + Peter M. •
12:11am 05-27-2018
Thanks so much for your fantastic show and all the help and tips you gave us in hosting our first party!

Mr.& Mrs. D. Montz • 5:12pm 02-24-2018
We loved what you did for our table during the anniversary party. We only wish we had our camera out to capture the reactions from Heather and Dick. It was great and you were extraordinary!

Heather & Richard Heart • 11:17pm 02-24-2018
You were a fantastic addition to our surprise anniversary celebration! We loved how you incorporated our togetherness into your performance, it meant a lot to us.

Janet Wilcox • 12:08am 03-13-2017
Thank you so much for everything. You,William, are an inspiration!

Susan Drake • 10:16pm 03-04-2017
Perfect show, everyone loved it and you! I couldn't have hoped for anything better!

Kelley & Mark 11:36am 11-13-2016
Our kids and their parents loved your show, very magical!

Megan V. 12:00am 11-06-2016
Simply amazing, William! My Halloweem party was a hit and you helped make it that way! I can't thank you enough!

Byan & guests 1:42am 10-30-2016
Just writing on behalf of all of our attendees to let you know how much we all enjoyed the spooktacular mind-altering displays of metaphysical mysteries you shared with us. Have a wonderful Halloween. Planning on next year to see what else you have in store for nightmarish delights.

Jackie Miller 11:04pm 10-23-2016
You not only gave us a lot to talk about but all the nightmares we had hoped for, William!

Heather & Tom Wells 4:20pm 07-09-2016
The story and performance you did during our 4th of July get-together was touching and powerful. Thank you for helping those present remember the reason for this day.

Donna and Calvin O. 3:35pm 06-26-2016
Your reading for us really helped clear a lot of things up and bring us closer together. Don't be surprised if you see us again in 4 to 6 months for another reading, only if we need it, like you suggested.

Isabelle 3:42pm 06-25-2016
More than just an entertaining experience, you captured us in a web of a mystical world and gave us so much more! You were terrific, William!

Tom & Gwen 5:45pm 04-03-2016
You were the perfect addition to our party, we couldn't have asked for anything better!


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